Battery long neck angle grinder LHW/A incl. Li-ion battery & charger

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For working on steel, non-ferrous metal, glass, ceramics, wood and plastics. For cutting, roughing and grinding.
This model has variable electronic speed control for high torque, even in the lower speed range. Included are a hex 3mm key, corundum grit 60 grinding wheel, corundum grit 60 fan sander and reinforced cut-off disc. Presented in a tough polypropylene storage case with Li/A battery and LG/A charger.

Our optional Velcro sanding backing discs Proxxon annular 28548 and Relativity full-face 44701 enhance the capabilities.

Angle grinders ARE NOT SUITABLE for use with circular saw blades, as they:

are not fitted with sufficient guarding to protect the operator if the blade jams, disintegrates or kicks back,
are not fitted with retractable guards that provide the same safety a power saw provides,
rotate at faster speeds and generate greater torque than power saws.

Included components: 

LHW/A angle grinder
3mm hex key
Corundum grit 60 grinding wheel
Corundum grit 60 fan sander
Corundum / glassfibre cutoff disc
Li/A battery
LG/A rapid charger
User Manual
Polypropylene case

Technical specifications: 

Variable speed range 5000 - 16000 rpm
Battery voltage 10.8V
Battery capacity 2.6Ah
Disc capacity 50mm
Disc bore 10mm
Working weight 800g including battery

Also available as 29817 without battery or charger or polypropylene case
Also available as 29817 without battery or charger or polypropylene case

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