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Proxxon GmbH are makers of precision hand/power tools and benchtop machinery for artisans, jewelers, model makers, mechanics and engineers. Proxxon World is an official export partner for Proxxon GmbH serving the Australia, New Zealand and worldwide markets. Together, we specialise in high-quality tools at reasonable prices, and we take pride in our product and technical knowledge. Proxxon World offers the full product range including unusual tools, all bits and cutters, and any available options for each product.

CNC Milling Machine FF 500/CNC with Australian 4-axis controller

European-made CNC milling machine with 6 spindle speeds from 180 thru 2500rpm. Double roller bearings mount each of the recirculating ball screws on all three axes, driven by powerful stepper motors. Approximate machine travels are X 290mm, Y 100mm, Z 200mm.

The mechanical design is almost identical to our manual model 24320, carrying the same 400W condenser AC motor, cast iron dovetail X and Y ways with 5-screw gib adjustment, rotatable head and 6-way belt speed adjustment.

Milling machine FF 500/BL

Enhanced European-made manual milling machine with variable speed pre-selection from 200 thru 4000rpm, digital speed indicator and high precision results. The brushless DC spindle motor is fitted with rotor position sensor and speed sensor, with electronics isolated from vibration and heat in a backpack to the vertical dovetail column. The sensors provide controller feedback that guarantees high torque in the lower speed range, for use of larger milling cutters. Direct drive without motor brushes, belts or pulleys ensures very quiet operation.

Proxx-O-Matic independent CNC control

Proxx-O-Matic stands alone like an industrial CNC unit.
No need for a control PC.
No need for EMC or Mach CNC control software.
No need to add a parallel port.
No need for a USB converter, no need for a cable.
No need for Gecko or any other stepper driver.
No need for a DC power supply.
No parameters to be set by you.
No breakout boards, no wiring to be done.
No drivers, no Windows trainwrecks, no EMC or Mach version arguments

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