Scroll saw DS 230/E (220-240V)

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This scroll saw is the ideal machine for precision work or that delicate model-building project. It cuts softwoods up to 40mm thick, hardwoods up to 10mm thick, or even printed circuit board laminates up to 4mm thick.

Also suitable for non-ferrous metals up to 2mm thick, the adjustable head offers many advantages to extend blade life. The head may be lowered in two steps, making new blade teeth available to the material, which can effectively triple blade life.

The motor drives a wear-resistant toothed belt drive running in a ball bearing. This machine is quiet and reliable.

Included components: 
  • adjustable head
  • mitre fence and stop with scale
  • 3 x coarse-toothed blades, 14 teeth/inch
  • 2 x fine-toothed blades, 41 teeth/inch
Technical specifications: 
  • speed: 150rpm to 2,500rpm
  • blade length: 130mm
  • maximum power consumption: 100W
Embedded features: 

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