Adjustable tailstock 40 - 85mm height

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Compact, adjustable Relativity™ tailstock, perfect for use with the Proxxon UT 400 or UT 400/CNC dividing tables.
Also can match the centre height of the TA 250 dividing head # 24044 for use on the FF 230 mill.
Sturdy 16mm dead centre has 22mm throw via knurled adjuster and separate SHCS clamp.
Centre is height adjustable in the range 40mm to 85mm when horizontal. This function is by knurled adjuster with twin guided clamps and SHCS.

Arc-slot permits tilting up or down from horizontal.
Base dimensions are 50mm x 140mm with twin fixing slots 9.5mm wide.
Overall height 152mm and grey painted finish.

Included components: 

Complete adjustable tailstock assembly.

Technical specifications: 

16mm diameter dead centre, 22mm throw.
40mm - 85mm adjustable centre height.
50mm x 140mm cast iron base with twin 9.5mm fixing slots.
152mm overall height.
Tilt mechanism permits upward and downward attitude control.

Adjust the angle to match tilting rotaries
Adjust the angle to match tilting rotaries
Twin clamping slides for stability
Twin clamping slides for stability

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