Angle polisher WP/E (220 - 240V)

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For perfect surfaces even in tight spots. Finishing of blank surfaces, cleaning, rust removal, finishing touches after varnishing.

Balanced, powerful, quiet and longlasting special DC motor. Quiet planetary gear in die-cast aluminium housing, with continuously variable speed control (full-wave electronics) can maintain low and constant speeds, even under high contact pressure. Short time duty cycle! 3mins on, 3mins off -

Main housing of glassfibre reinforced POLYAMIDE (nylon) with soft anti-slip areas. Securely stored in a stylish case of high-grade POLYPROPYLENE, along with the included equipment for immediate use.

Included components: 
  • Rubber backing disc with hook-and-loop fastening surface
  • Polishing sponge (medium hard)
  • Lambswool polishing disc
  • Polishing felt (medium hard) for metals including non-ferrous
  • 12 sanding discs 2000 grit silicon carbide
  • NIGRIN polishing emulsion 75ml
  • Microfibre finishing cloth
Technical specifications: 
Array of fitments for 28660
Array of fitments for 28660
Complete polishing package 28660
Complete polishing package 28660

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