Digital Readout DA 3 (110-240v)

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3-axis digital position indicator with bright yellow LED numeric readouts selectable as fine as 0.001mm resolution (1 micron). Includes universal angle mounting stud and swivel bracket. Glass scales and sensors are included for X, Y and Z axes, with 2-metre armoured cables and metal sheathed plugs.

Mechanical play including backlash and flexibility can be ignored, thanks to direct position measurement. No need to count handwheel revolutions when moving long distances. Keypad control of zero, current position, inch/metric, absolute/incremental, transpose origin to centre and halve display value 'automatic half', mechanical zero after power failure, calculator for arithmetic and trigonometric functions, 99 sets of auxiliary datum points, holes on PCD, holes on line at angle, inclined plane, internal/external radius machining, 8 arc functions, shrinkage adjustment - and much more.

A comprehensive and illustrated User Manual is supplied (English and German). Includes mains connection cord. Choose from Australia/NZ 3-pin earthed, Euro 3-pin earthed, USA 3-pin earthed. Rear ON/OFF switch. Supply voltages between 110v and 240v AC at 50Hz - 60Hz are automatically managed.

The mill user must install the three scales and the swivel bracket to the FF 500 milling machine. Full instructions for drilling and tapping the mounting holes are included.

Included components: 

3 glass scales and sensors for X, Y, Z axes, with 2-metre armoured cables.
Main LED display panel and electronics housing 265 x 182 x 48mm.
Mains connection cord, A4 User Manual.
Swivel bracket, mounting hardware including M4 & M5 screws.
Clear splash cover for display panel.

Technical specifications: 

Display and calculator unit 265 x 182 x 48mm.
Automatically adjusts between 110v and 240v AC supplies 50Hz - 60Hz.
Armoured 2-metre sensor cables terminate in metal-sheathed D9 connectors.
Bright yellow 15mm high LED numeric and alphabetic displays.
Red LEDs for chosen function.

Proxxon DRO mounted on FF 500 (mill not included with DRO)
Proxxon DRO mounted on FF 500 (mill not included with DRO)

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