Pensander PS13 (12V DC)


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This is a 12V tool which requires a separate power supply.
See our related products below for power supply options.

This precise tool is ideal for fine work on surfaces in recesses, slots and tight corners. The linear (non-rotating) motion makes the pensander handy for touchups on wood, pretreatment of copper-clad circuit boards, and other small-scale tasks.

We include perpendicular tips in square, circular, triangular and oblong shapes, and long-reach tips (for recesses) in square, circular, triangular and convex oblong shapes. Five sanding pads are included for each style of tip.

Requires a 12V-18VDC adapter supplying at least 1A,

Included components:

  • 20 silicon carbide adhesive sanding pads

Technical specifications

  • speed: 8,000 linear strokes per minute
  • sanding area: 15mm x 15mm
  • maximum power consumption: 20W
  • glass-fibre reinforced polyamide housing
  • mass: 130g
  • length: 160mm
  • EU Class-2 insulation

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