Cut-off/mitre saw KG 50 (220-240V)

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The KG 50 cut-off saw is perfect for accurate cuts of small metal, wood, ceramic and plastic profiles. The table rotates through 45 degrees, making mitre cuts possible. The integrated clamping vise holds the workpiece tightly, and has special slot to clamp HO-scale (1:87) model railway tracks.

The table includes an adjustable fence which accommodates stop-lengths up to 140mm, and five ceramic cutting discs are supplied with the machine. Recommended for steel, non-ferrous metals, or small ceramic bars.

Included components: 
  • integrated workpiece clamp
  • sliding fence
  • 5 x cutting discs (ceramic, filled with aluminium oxide and silicon carbide)
Technical specifications: 
  • maximum workpiece diameter: 20mm
  • depth of cut: 13mm
  • peripheral speed: 20m/sec
  • disc diameter: 50mm
  • maximum power consumption: 85W
  • mass: 1.5kg
Embedded features: 

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