Proxxon goes CNC - computer numerical control

Artisans, engineers, technicians, modelmakers, scientists, researchers all can enhance their work through computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools. Just as the word-processor changed journalism, so CNC changes lathe and mill machining.

  • Need to make a series of scaled parts?
  • Require left-hand and right-hand objects?
  • Want to alter some detail without recreating the entire design?
  • Making small batch production?
  • Want to eliminate most operator variations from your parts?
  • Rapid prototyping for a shorter time-to-market?
  • Bringing production back in-house for security?

All these situations make the justification for a CNC machine tool. Proxxon World staff are knowledgeable in G-code programming and operations, so we have established a training department to provide structured classes for our clients. All our support personnel actually work with G-code (ISO 66025) every day, because they use a range of CNC lathes and mills in our own factories. That's because Proxxon World is the sister company of Fourth Axis, precision manufacturer of famous CNC micromachines and accessories.

We can cover 2D and 3D mill work plus specialties such as thread milling (inside and outside), lathe turning plus specialties such as plastics turning with industry-specialised tools. Courses are structured to meet educational or industrial needs.

Our first shipment of Proxxon CNC machine tools includes Micro Miller FF 500/CNC and Lathe System PD 400/CNC. Our training centre is equipped with data projector for class PC-presentations and with both these CNC machines, fully tooled up.

Proxxon FF 500/CNC milling machine, ready for demonstration in our showroom.
Diagram of a typical CNC setup, showing the computer, control box and machine.
Proxxon PD 400/CNC lathe, ready for demonstration in our showroom.