CNC Milling Machine FF 500/BL-CNC with Australian 4-axis controller

Enhanced European-made CNC milling machine with variable speed pre-selection from 200 thru 4000rpm, digital speed indicator and high precision results. Double roller bearings mount each of the recirculating ball screws on all three axes, driven by powerful stepper motors. Approximate machine travels are X 290mm, Y 100mm, Z 200mm.

Radius cutting attachment for FD 150/E - PD 230/E - PD 250/E - PD 400

The 24062 mounts on the lathe cross-slide in place of the tool holder, producing convex and concave radius shapes. It is possible to cut convex shapes (spheres) up to diameter 32mm (radius 16mm) or to cut concave radii to a maximum of 19mm.

Our included tool-holder is height adjustable from 30mm to 45mm above the cross-slide, so it suits your FD 150/E or PD 230/E or PD 250/E or PD 400.

A HSS finishing cutter is included, the Form-3 one from our 24530 lathe tool set. You may use other suitable lathe tools if appropriate.

Spin index fixture without end-float

Now in stock at Tuggerah Business Park, this Relativity™ spin index fixture for 5C collets suits FF 500 milling machines, the older FF 400 mills and other substantial machines. Index from 0 to 360 in accurate one-degree increments - within four minutes of arc.

See full specifications and five detail photos here:

Vertical slide for PD 250/E and PD 400 lathes

At last! Milling capability for Proxxon PD-lathe owners, adding the essential third axis of motion with millimeter slide calibration.

Relativity™ miniature vertical slide to suit Proxxon PD 250/E and PD 400 lathes. Remove the top-slide from your lathe, (one SHCS on the PD 250/E and 2 SHCS on the PD 400) exposing the tee-slotted table of the cross-slide. Our vertical slide comes with two sets of M5 tee nuts and screws to mount it on the Proxxon cross-slide. Fix your milling bit in the lathe chuck (or spindle collet) and you have XYZ milling capability.

Brutal™ parting blade holders and blades are ... BRUTAL!

The Brutal™ parting blade holders and available HSS blades are Relativity™ products. These large holders DO NOT SUIT Proxxon lathes. They are designed for large, industrial, metalworking lathes. Cutting edge height of the range covers 19mm, 22mm, 30mm, depending on blade overhang, due to a holder-induced 1-degree top rake. Be sure to use a height adjustable toolpost, to perfect the cutting edge height.

See these Brutal™ beasts here:

Compact™ parting tool system for FD 150/E & PD-series lathes

Our smallest blade holder 44406 for 1.5mm HSS blades 44405. When used in optional toolpost 44407 this holder performs well in shallow or deep grooving and parting off with our Proxxon FD 150/E miniature lathe.

Versions for PD 250/E & PD 400 lathes also available. See the system on our lathes HERE:

Proxx-O-Matic independent CNC control

Proxx-O-Matic stands alone like an industrial CNC unit.
No need for a control PC.
No need for EMC or Mach CNC control software.
No need to add a parallel port.
No need for a USB converter, no need for a cable.
No need for Gecko or any other stepper driver.
No need for a DC power supply.
No parameters to be set by you.
No breakout boards, no wiring to be done.
No drivers, no Windows trainwrecks, no EMC or Mach version arguments

See it here:

Lithium-ion battery powered Proxxon tools have landed!

Check out the new cordless drill/grinder 29800, cordless belt sander 29810 and cordless angle grinder 29815. Drop one of those numbers in the SEARCH field up top of any page. Buy the full kit with tool, accessories, charger and battery, or buy the "skin" versions 29802 - 29812 - 29817 and choose charger 29890 and batteries 29898 separately.

ALERT! There's electronic speed control on all three, including the angle grinder. Also take a peek at our 44701 full-face Velcro sanding backer disc for the angle grinder and for the WP/E corded polisher.

Adjustable tailstock 40 - 85mm height

Compact, adjustable Relativity™ tailstock, perfect for use with the Proxxon UT 400 or UT 400/CNC dividing tables.
Also can match the centre height of the TA 250 dividing head # 24044 for use on the FF 230 mill.
Sturdy 16mm dead centre has 22mm throw via knurled adjuster and separate SHCS clamp.
Centre is height adjustable in the range 40mm to 85mm when horizontal. This function is by knurled adjuster with twin guided clamps and SHCS.

Arc-slot permits tilting up or down from horizontal.
Base dimensions are 50mm x 140mm with twin fixing slots 9.5mm wide.

PD 250/E metal lathe now in stock!

Further quantities of the new PD 250/E metalworking lathe have arrived - April 2016. Made in Proxxon's Austria lathe factory, PD 250/E features larger swing over the bed, larger swing over enhanced cross-slide, improved chuck, longer distance between centres. Click this link and see the new specification and accessories now:

The Proxxon World advantage

All Proxxon machinery can be serviced. Don't believe the stories from the past, that the machinery is sealed, or there are no parts available. As the Export Partner of Proxxon GmbH Germany, we keep on hand the spares inventory suggested by Germany, including motors for nearly every model, electronic components, PCBs, bearings, common mechanical spares.

Proxxon World has the technicians, the instrumentation, special tools, jigs & fixtures required, arrayed in a dedicated Proxxon service department. We handle warranty and non-warranty service for all the Proxxon equipment we sell.

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