Vertical slide for PD 250/E and PD 400 lathes

At last! Milling capability for Proxxon PD-lathe owners, adding the essential third axis of motion with millimeter slide calibration. Relativity™ miniature vertical slide to suit Proxxon PD 250/E and PD 400 lathes. Remove the top-slide from your lathe, (one SHCS on the PD 250/E and 2 SHCS on the PD 400) exposing the tee-slotted table of the cross-slide. Our vertical slide comes with two sets of M5 tee nuts and screws to mount it on the Proxxon cross-slide. Fix your milling bit in the lathe chuck (or spindle collet) and you have XYZ milling capability.

See full tech details and photos here:

Mounted on PD 400