MICRO-Press MP 120 in stock, on show at Proxxon World

Rotating turret accepts the forming and pressing tools held in the rack. Tooling is included!
Rack-and-pinion construction for pressing in, pressing out, riveting, imprinting, edging, bending of wires and sheets. Embossing, beading and crimping of easy to form materials (e.g. copper, brass and silver).
With 8 forming and pressing tools. Five cylindrical Ø 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 and 8mm, surface hardened, one each semi-spherical profile Ø 3 and Ø 9mm and a 90° square prism for bending sheet metal. Punching tools are inserted into the toothed rack and fixed with a knurled screw. The counterpart is an easily adjustable, hardened revolving steel turret with all required holes and bottom dies for the above-specified pressing tools.

See full info and buy it online here: http://www.proxxonworld.com.au/product/micro-press_mp_120

Ideal for jewellers, technicians, modellers and precision assembly work