Tough, small, jeweller's rolling mill from Relativity™

Tough, small, jeweller's rolling mill from Relativity™ for annealed non-ferrous metals such as silver, gold, pewter etc.
Unlike cheap mills seen on shopping websites, the Relativity™ rolling mill is not fabricated from steel sheet, its frame is milled from a massive casting and it has the guarding to satisfy Worksafe, keeping your fingers safe from all the gears, front and rear.

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Spin index fixture without end-float

Now in stock at Tuggerah Business Park, this Relativity™ spin index fixture for 5C collets suits FF 500 milling machines, the older FF 400 mills and other substantial machines. Index from 0 to 360 in accurate one-degree increments - within four minutes of arc.

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Torque wrenches & torque screwdrivers IN STOCK

We now have stocks at Tuggerah Business Park of the complete Proxxon Industrial range of
torque screwdrivers:
MC 2 ranges from 0.4Nm to 2.0Nm
MC 5
MC 10
and torque wrenches:
MC 15
MC 30
MC 100
MC 200
MC 200-Multi
MC 320 ranges from 60Nm to 320Nm

Check them out here:
with a 2-year Australian warranty.
Calibration service by our laboratory is available for torque wrenches sold by us.

Carbide insert parting systems for PD-series lathes

A Relativity™ product with Kennametal 2.4mm tungsten carbide insert, 0.2mm clearance per side held in 1.9mm blade by compression. The blade overhang can be adjusted in the screw clamp holder with 10mm clamp height. Our customers confirm that the sturdy Relativity™ blade does not deform when the insert is heavily loaded - a sad feature of some look-alike systems.

See the Relativity™ systems here:

Adjustable mill tailstock for UT400, TA250, TA230, UT400/CNC dividing tables

Compact, adjustable Relativity™ tailstock, perfect for use with the Proxxon UT 400 or UT 400/CNC dividing tables.
Also can match the centre height of the TA 250 & TA 230 dividing heads for use on the FF 230 mill.
Matches centre height of Relativity™ spin index fixtures, used on FF 400 & FF 500 and tilts for inclined rotaries.

Vertical slide for PD 250/E and PD 400 lathes

At last! Milling capability for Proxxon PD-lathe owners, adding the essential third axis of motion with millimeter slide calibration. Relativity™ miniature vertical slide to suit Proxxon PD 250/E and PD 400 lathes. Remove the top-slide from your lathe, (one SHCS on the PD 250/E and 2 SHCS on the PD 400) exposing the tee-slotted table of the cross-slide. Our vertical slide comes with two sets of M5 tee nuts and screws to mount it on the Proxxon cross-slide. Fix your milling bit in the lathe chuck (or spindle collet) and you have XYZ milling capability.

Brutal™ parting blade holders and blades are ... BRUTAL!

The Brutal™ parting blade holders and available HSS blades are Relativity™ products. These large holders DO NOT SUIT Proxxon lathes. They are designed for large, industrial, metalworking lathes. Cutting edge height of the range covers 19mm, 22mm, 30mm, depending on blade overhang, due to a holder-induced 1-degree top rake. Be sure to use a height adjustable toolpost, to perfect the cutting edge height.

See these Brutal™ beasts here:

Compact™ parting tool system for FD 150/E & PD-series lathes

Our smallest blade holder 44406 for 1.5mm HSS blades 44405. When used in optional toolpost 44407 this holder performs well in shallow or deep grooving and parting off with our Proxxon FD 150/E miniature lathe.

Versions for PD 250/E & PD 400 lathes also available. See the system on our lathes HERE:

Proxx-O-Matic independent CNC control

Proxx-O-Matic stands alone like an industrial CNC unit.
No need for a control PC.
No need for EMC or Mach CNC control software.
No need to add a parallel port.
No need for a USB converter, no need for a cable.
No need for Gecko or any other stepper driver.
No need for a DC power supply.
No parameters to be set by you.
No breakout boards, no wiring to be done.
No drivers, no Windows trainwrecks, no EMC or Mach version arguments

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Butane torch MICROFLAM MGS - lightweight 95 grams

MICROFLAM gas soldering set MGS is for working with open flame or with catalytic unit, in combination with adapters for hard and soft soldering, hot-knife-cutting, woodburning (pyrography), melting and welding of plastics and shrinking of insulating sleeves. Also for retouching surface imperfections in wood (cracks, dents using wax fillers).

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Introducing our precision miniature metalworking lathe FD 150/E

It weighs around 5kg but it's a high precision lathe for small work in steel, aluminium, brass and plastics. Now in our Tuggerah Business Park warehouse and showroom, the FD 150/E has 2-stage belt drive and additional electronic speed control for spindle speeds up to 5,000rpm. For high power at low speeds for larger work pieces and for the appropriate cutting speed, even for smallest pieces. For facing and longitudinal turning, for boring, taper turning, grooving, parting and drilling. Complete with three-jaw chuck and live centre, it's beautifully made and proud to be a Proxxon tool.

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